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Amrut Anand - literally means deriving the happiness of drinking the elixir of life.  This Album features Rajabhau (Anand) Gadgil, a very senior hindustani classical vocalist and a self proclaimed disciple of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.


Reverb Productions had the unique opportunity to launch Rajabhau's first Album at an event celebrating his 75th Birthday.


The Album features Raag Bairagi Bhairav and Bhairavi Thumri and an exclusive interview of the maestro.

about the band

Reverb Productions was found in early 2014 by Abhijit Kolhatkar, a veteran IT professional with a passion for music and his wife, Shilpa, a trained singer.


Reverb Productions aims to provide a platform to passionate and talented Artists to make a living from mus...

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