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Anjaani Tum Anjaana Main is a soft romantic duet by Chinmoy & Hricha Debraj. The song portrays the silent conversation between a guy & a girl, who have seen each other for the first time & the first words are yet to be uttered. 


After O Sajan & Aise Aao Na, which were solo projects (sung by Hricha Debraj), this is Chinmoy & Hricha's first duet OC.


Song Credits -

Singers - Hricha Debraj & Chinmoy Mukherjee

Composer - Chinmoy Mukherjee

Lyrics - Chinmoy Mukherjee & Hricha Debraj

Produced & Arranged By - Ranodeep Manu & Chinmoy Mukherjee

Recorded at - Gray Spark Audio Studio

Mixed & Mastered By – Ronak Runwal & Sourabh Lodha

about the band
  • Hailing from a rich musical background, Chinmoy is a versatile vocalist and guitarist. He connects and relates with all genres of music and is not bound to any one particular style. He is a live music artist, composer, song writer & arranger.
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