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Answers is about a seeker's quest. The inspiration came from my own journey, in the recent years to find the deeper meaning of life, and is expressed though the musical art form.  
I take a lot of inspiration from Hindustani music, jazz and other word music traditions. All of these influences have come through on this record while writing and producing the music.
The album features musicians from India, US, Bulgaria and Israel:
Aaron Bahr - Trumpet, Tarun Balani Drums, Sharik Hasan - Piano, Mimi Hristova Viola, Haggai Cohen Milo - Bass.
Recorded live at Wellspring Sound Acton, MA, US.
Mixed and mastered by Michael Perez-Cisneros Brooklyn, NY, US.
Cover Art by Khyati Trehan.
about the band
Aditya Balani, a multifaceted musician wears many hats as a composer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, music producer and educator. Always looking to break new ground he inevitably and frequently finds himself in uncharted waters, seeking to mould his creative expressions. Aditya’s deb...

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