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 "Anuranan” is a collection of seven Bengali contemporary compositions that resonates and reflects my perceptions, style of presentation and aesthetics as songwriter and composer.They have found utmost care and expressions in four young and trained voice of Snigdhodeb ,Ipsita,Soumi and Manali all initially and essentially having a background of learning classical music. In this collection I have opted to mix compositions of different shades and colors emphasizing on acoustic sound and melody. A special thanks goes to Mr Souvik Deb(dinki) for his wholehearted effort to design the soundscape.Thanks to all the musicians who have participated in the project for their sincere co-operation .Last but not the least thanks to young group of promising singers (incidentally few of them are also my disciples) for their involvement and enthusiasm to make it possible.

I wish the project will touch the heart of music lovers as a whole..

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