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Atmosfear is a 3-piece Death Metal outfit from Mumbai, India, who’ve struck a powerchord in the nation’s heavy metal circuit. In their decade of existence, the band has firmly established its sublime blend of extreme aggression infused with undertones of groove. This is their self-titled debut album.


Lyrically, the band is inclined towards weaving words out of experiences from the real world. Tracks such as Slavery LivesDesolation Defined and Subliminal Memories mirror the strife of suburban life while Obstinate Intentions is about coming up on top against all odds. Abduction of Innocence casts a lens on the agony of a physically-violated victim while Visions of the Beast reminisces the loss of a friend. Socio-political issues are voiced out in Hell UnleashedDelude and Dominate and Hell on Earth


All songs composed by Atmosfear

All lyrics by Bruce Mckoy

"Intro" composed by Sushan Shetty (Cosmic Infusion)

“Visions of the Beast” is dedicated to Vincent “The Beast” Pereira.


Album Produced by - Ashwin Shriyan at Mindmap Audio

Album Mastered by - Victor Bullok at Woodshed Studios (Germany)


Bass recorded by Ashwin Shriyan

Assistance on guitar recordings by Prateek Rajagopal


Album artwork by Kidsquidy.

about the band
Atmosfear has been around since 2006 / 07. The band was formed by Ulhas, Bruce and Frank and were later joined in by Mayank. They started generating a good following by playing live in a lot of college events and competitions. The band was formed with one single vision in mind, to play ex...

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