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The universe is made of atoms... Everything on this planet, every living creature is ultimately at the most basic level is made of atoms... Hence, the phenomenon of life is actually a synthesis of atoms..

It is the combination of atoms which makes life a unique phenomenon and every living creature/plant its unique characteristics...

With so much problem and unrest within the human mind, body and society, we lose our humility and fail to accept that we are tiny insignificant particles compared to the universe..

This album is a prayer, pleading mankind to forget how big we are and surrender to the universal energy of the cosmos, at the same time value our lives as a miraculous combination of atoms, which makes us alive.

about the band

ZOO is a 4 piece electronic-alternative outfit from Kolkata, India. The music and the philosophy of the band brings forward a very organic alternative sound with coherent elements of drum-n-bass, ambient, industrial etc to portray the essence of metropolitan human life.

Formed in...

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