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The EP consists of 4 tracks that we wrote and composed, close to the end of 2011 and early 2012. We had, as a band, moved away from the initial sound in our previously released songs and hence it seemed like a logical step to put together a cd that represented the current us and the audio space we've moved into now. The EP serves to be a taste of things to come from Spud In The Box's kind of music and the kind of sounds we'd like to dig deeper into and explore on our debut album.


This EP is released by Asli Music, the music label headed by KJ Singh, as Big Chief – that’s what it says on his visiting card. KJ is a music producer, having produced artists like Rabbi Shergill (Bulla Ki Jana, Delhi Heights), Indian Ocean (Kandisa, Black Friday), Ik Onkaar by Harshdeep Kaur and has worked with many artists and bands in making their first demo’s like Euphoria, and Parikrama and worked on albums by Hariharan, KK and Rekha Bhardwaj, 

Asli, in hindi means original, pure. And that, in essence, is what drives the music label. 
about the band
Spud in the Box is a six piece alternative rock band from Mumbai. Since their formation in 2011, the band has gone on to garner popular and critical acclaim for their tight, energetic live performances and accessible songwriting. Currently, they're gearing up to release their debut fu...

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