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Baarishon Mein is tale of two separated souls learning to move on and survive without one another. Have you ever had that feeling of looking out the window on a rainy day just ‘missing’ someone? Isn’t it beautiful to have felt love so strong that you can fondly reminisce till this day? A love that was special but was never meant to be. One that’s taught you ‘acceptance’ and given strength to brave the future…. And a friendship so deep that the bond remains despite the distance…


This song is a hard hitting alt-rock Urdu number inspired by the sounds of legendary bands like Porcupine Tree, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc. The lyrical and compositional inspirations are from the music of Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Mahima Casewa, Papon, John Mayer, Boston, Queen, etc.

Among the Indian bands, it would be closest to bands like Local Train, Parvaaz, Yellow Diary, Advita, Samar Mehdi, etc.

about the band

Mrinaal's music is a unique coming together of the worlds of Ghazal, Blues, n Rock n' Roll. Classically trained in Hindustani and Western vocals, he has fused Urdu/hindi poetry with a fresh sound of a typical modern rock ensemble. His songs often draw inspiration from life experienc...

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