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"Back in Time" as the album title suggests is music from an earlier generation.  The 11 song album revolves around Old School Acoustic music which is mainly Blues, Folk, Rock, Country and Classical. A listener could look forward to punchy riffs and rememberable melodies with innovative and improvized solos. There are uplifting, playful as well as haunting moments in the music. The album uses a unique blend of sounds including Hindustani Aalaaps, Carnatic Violin, Latin American Percussion and the Melodica. The album features talented artists from the country including Sujay Harthi, Geeth Vaz, Anish Nadh, Joey Sharma and students from Nathaniel School of Music

Musicians and Credits:
Vocal Textures:
Sujay Harthi (Tracks 1,7,8 & 9)
Nanditha Kini
Deepika Rajagopal
Nikhila Bhat
Bhavana Choradia
Anna Joseph
Soumya Subramanian
Soumya Koka
Jason Zachariah 
Alok Pandurangi (Tracks 2 & 10) and Jason Zachariah
Alok Pandurangi
Acoustic Guitar:
Joey Sharma (Tracks 2,5,8,9,10,11)
Anish Nadh (Tracks 1,3,4,5,7)
Electric Guitar: 
Geeth Vaz (Tracks 2,5)
Vinyl Kumar (Tracks 1,9)
Piano / Melodica / Percussion:
Jason Zachariah
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Jason Zachariah at the Nathaniel Production House
Assisted by Neha Sharon Ahmed
All songs composed and arranged by Jason Zachariah
Album Artwork:
Soumya Koka
about the band
The Jason Zac Band is, well, different.
Mostly instrumental, the sound is an eclectic mixture of genres thanks to each member having a different background. Elements of Rock, Metal, Indian classical, Jazz, Blues and Country music overlay the bedrock of...

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