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‘Be Easy’ is Chirag Todi’s second single which is part of his upcoming EP ‘Panodrama’. The song was composed and recorded post lock-down through collaboration with indie artists across India including Yohan Marshall (aka YodaDrunk who sang and played drums), Raag Sethi (the founder of Compass Box Studio who produced the track and played bass) and Abhay Sharma (from The Revisit Project who played saxophone). The song was produced and arranged by Raag Sethi, recorded at Compass Box Studio and mix-mastered by Protyay Chakraborty.


Chirag Todi - Guitar, Composition

Yohan Marshall - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Lyrics, Composition, Drums

Raag Sethi - Production, Arrangement, Bass

Abhay Sharma - Saxophone

Nayan Kapadiya - Keys

Protyay Chakraborty - Mix & Master

Farah Ahmad - Artwork

Chirag Chaudhary - Animated Music Video

Management - The Alt Bright

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