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Before the Dawn : Features eight soaring tracks that run the gamut from psychedelic to cinematic, merging the band's classic rock roots in Journey and Pink Floyd and their modern rock influences of Muse and Coldplay.



"The album title Before the Dawn refers to facing your demons and eventually conquering them.The thought that if you can hold out long enough until the sun comes out, everything will be fine, and is reflected on the album cover art. The lone figure standing facing the cloudy night sky as the light breaks through in the distance shows the beauty that each new day brings." 


Los Angeles-based rock band Dream Alive --Nik Phoeniks (lead vocals / keyboard), Karan Parikh (lead guitar / vocals), Ramon Ryder (rhythm guitar / vocals), Martin Fredriksson (bass) and Stanley Love (drums)


© 2015 by Dream Alive. All rights reserved

All songs mixed by Karan Parikh at 'K Loft Studios'

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