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"Bend in the Road" is a gospel album that caters to various genres of music including Rock, Pop, Blues and Country.  The 10 song album has a raw touch to it and is filled with innovative musical pieces and vocal harmonies.  The songs are characterized by strong lyrics. The album features talented musicians and has been arranged, mixed and mastered by Jason Zachariah (Allegro Fudge, Parousia, Jason Zac Band & Bhoomi..) at the Nathaniel Studios, Bangalore. 
The artist has donated the proceeds of this album to  “PRECIOUS LIVES” – a social trust that serves among the poor and underprivileged.
Musicians and Credits:
Composed, Written & Produced by Samuel Victor 
Lead Vocals : Samuel Victor
Featuring Vinith Samuel on track 6 - “Like Eagles”
Deepika Rajagopal
Nikhila Bhat
Bhavana Choradia
Anna Joseph
Soumya Subramanian
Soumya Koka
Keyboards, Bass, Percussions & Melodica : Jason Zachariah
Acoustic & Electric Guitar : Joey Sharma 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jason Zachariah at the Nathaniel Production House
Photography : Michael Chan
Album Artwork : Soumya Koka
about the band

Samuel Victor is a solo artist from Bangalore (India) currently based in Singapore. The music is primarily gospel music in various genres such as Rock, Pop, Blues and Country. The music is characterized by strong and meaningful lyrics and a variety of innovative riffs and vocal harmony part...

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