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'Beyond Rituals' is an authentic trespass, an expression of my convictions. These tracks are based on Raags of Carnatic. Every note has been scored in accordance to the respective scale, and with added chords & sounds, not to the extend that wipe out the spirit, or the mood of the Raag. Say an acoustic guitar has been played the role of a 'Morsing', a traditional south Indian percussion instrument. A guitar serves the purpose of Morsing and it could take things better for a musician in a Carnatic concert as Morsing players are becoming rare. I am afraid the existence of such a wonderful instrument is under threat. A guitar could be a replacement or could be an instrument for consideration for Carnatic concerts.  Domenico Dolce said 'It is not necessary to be too avant-garde, because you risk not being understood'. I believe I have not turned too avant-garde.

about the band


Gokul Salvadi, from India, is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, but the one he plays professionally is his larynx. He started as a Carnatic Vocalist (Traditional South Indian Classical Music) and later, as a composer, he developed his passion for exploring th...

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