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'Bhaukal', the Indian term for badass. This song is about Arjuna being a legendary warrior in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Arjuna chose the path of war to restore justice in the world. He fought with his family just to make sure that the new world that rises from the ashes of the old one, is better than before. Sometimes all it takes is one warrior to bring light into this universe. Sometimes you have to be the best to prove a point. And sometimes its fine to be cocky if you know you are the chosen one. This song is all about that.

about the band

We are Duravasa, an Indian Classical Progressive Band from VIT Vellore. We named our band after the great sage Duravasa from the Mahabharata. We have Sarthak Dilawari on Guitars, Joshua John on the bass, Vasanth Ravin on the keys, Abhinav Thapa on the drums, Shanmuka Sreenivas on violin, Ni...

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