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We are grateful to everyone who has helped us create what Big Bang Blues is today and most importantly this album. Each of you played a very special role in making us who we are, a big thanks to you.
Abhimanyu, Abhishek Majumder, Abhishek Dabas, Akshay Kaushik, Anindo Bose (Plug and Play Studios), Gautam Aurora & SpiralSeed, Gaurav Chintamani, Sid Mathur (Quarter Note Studios), Gary Steele, Hardik Suri, Jay Handa, Kiranjeet Sant, Kshitij Rawal, Mama (Lalrinawma Tochhawng), Mark Mowry, Pankaj Mullick, Rudy Wallang, Subir Malik, Vijay Katé, Vikram Bhalla.
Composed, produced and arranged by Big Bang Blues
Lyrics by Ipshita Roy & Sushant Thakur
Recorded and mixed by Anindo Bose ( Plug and Play Studios)
‘Moonless Nights’ recorded and mixed by Gaurav Chintamani and Sid Mathur (Quarter Note Studios)
Cover design by Abhishek Majumder
about the band
The New Heavier Sound of Big Bang Blues pushing the boundaries with its roots in Bluesrock. The new originals are honest experiences questioning status quo, talking about relationships, and the journeys in the life ahead.
The new line-up which...

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