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Bitter is an entirely home produced electronic album aiming to show off the local, undiscovered talent existing in Mumbai. This album acts as a portfolio for the producer, Jai Vaswani (Black Flower Music) and the vocalist featured in it. Each track was tailor-made for the vocalist based on their voice or/and personality. 
01. Tonight - A feel good track to kick-start the album. sung by Varun Narayan
02. Anymore - With an amazingly powerful voice, Meher Mistry seemed perfect to sing some deep, deep lyrics. 
03. Catch Me If You Can -  This track was made with the aim of coming up with something commercial sung by Reisa Nongrum
04. Immune - Juana Mahadik, inspired me with her liberal, nonchalant attitude to write this song. Needless to say her voice fits in like a glove.  
05. Running Out of Time - Sung by Scott Swinden. Special thanks to Akhil & Farhad for all their help. Completed in one day, from scratch.  
06. Big World - A result of a very interesting collaboration between 3 very talented people: Reisa Nongrum, Jehangir Jehangir (from Something Relevant) and Simran Talreja (Vocals). 
07. Interlude - A simple break featuring the calming voice of Shahina Pohoomul and few words by Varun Narayan.  
08. Finally Free - A beautiful, wavy voice, yearning to sing on upbeat music, Anuradha Javeri 
09. Bitter - Instrumental
10. Why - Varun Narayan shows off not just his song writing skills but also demonstrates just how high he can sing
11. Unrecognizable - Simran Talreja sings with her seductive voice 
12. Revolt -  Reisa Nongrum makes it look too easy to sing the most experimental song on this album. 
13. Ghost - Sahil Dhandhia's soothing, commercial voice topped with a very interesting sense of humour made this project very enjoyable.
about the band


Jai Vaswani was born in Queens, New York on 25th November, 1987. In '92 his family moved to India. Studying at Campion School, Mumbai, he realized his love for music at a very young age. Jai, a budding musician who played the piano, harmonica, flute and tabla during ...

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