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Faiz Khan is a singer-songwriter whose music is hard to pigeonhole. The dreamy acoustic guitar led electro-pop may sound familiar, but his brooding yet youthful voice will surprise you with stories that belie his 20 years.


Faiz finds solace in expressing himself through music – it is the truest form of expression in his head. When his feelings are in song, the things he goes through find a fresh meaning. That is why he is forever writing songs, on a trusty Martin acoustic guitar, his prized possession. Having begun writing songs since he was 17, his songs are snippets from his personal journeys, hopes, dreams, fears, loves and heartbreak. It is almost as if a young man unexpectedly offered you a window into his soul. With a view you just cannot tear your eyes away from.


For his debut album “The Preacher”, Faiz worked with talented music producers Kabir Singh and Viraj Mohan, who helped bring alive his vision for the songs into a debut release that the world needs to hear. This is where it begins.

Creative Producer: Kabir Singh Engineered, Mixed and Mastered: Viraj Mohan
about the band

Faiz’s best friend is his acoustic guitar, a Martin. This 20 year-old singer song writer pours his heart into his lyrics and tunes. Seeped in the real and the unreal his songs...

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