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The song talks about how being in the music scene makes us entertainers and performers feel threatened by fellow artists due to competitiveness, which in turn ends up reflecting in our work and personalities. Thus, keeping all the negativity aside, we should rather unite, work together and make collective efforts towards creating something pure, true and real for our audiences; our top priority. Produced by Bluesanova, be sure to expect some hard hitting hip-hop drums with rock guitars and retro synths played over them. Completely bending genres, the music of the track is an experience in itself! Lil Todu brings in his own flavour by mixing a reggae style rap vocals with melodic western vocals to make sure the listeners are always in for a surprise. A catchy hook line makes the song complete! The artist and prodcuer duo is based out of Mumbai, India, and this is their second collaboration together.

about the band

Varun ‘Lil Visit the Lil Todu page

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