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"Brown Folks", Su Real's latest E.P. showcases a rapid evolution from
his November 2014 full-length release, the concept album, "Trapistan".
"Twerkistan", the full-length follow-up to that album, described by
various Indian music critics as "raunchy, hedonistic" and "bawdy &
robust", is slated for later this year and promises to be even more

In the meantime, Su Real delivers a solid selection of desi bass
anthems, mashing up traditional Indian music with modern styles of
dance music like twerk, moombahton, midtempo and dancehall. The
suspenseful build-ups and climactic clangs of opener "Indian Curse"
yield to flavors of broader appeal - some might even say a commercial
edge, given recent trends in dance music. Tracks like "Brown People"
and "Dum & Dumma" feature Su Real on vocal duties for the first time
while "Bajre de Soundboy" and "Dilli Shahar" are dancefloor-oriented
remixes of north Indian oldies.

He says, "Brown Folks, as the concept for this E.P., is an homage to
the subcontinental-origin musical pioneers that established themselves
at a global level. Not just your Ustads like Ravi Shankar and Zakhir
Hussein… From Apache Indian's "Make Way For The Indian" to
Cornershop's "Brimful of Asha" to Talvin Singh's "Sutrix" to Jai
Paul's "Str8 Outta Mumbai" - these songs helped build my identity as a
child of the Indian diaspora. Growing up abroad, never really fitting
in anywhere, music defined my identity. Now, back at home, it
continues to do so."

about the band

Su Real, the DJ / producer synonymous with Trap, Hip Hop and urban dance music in India, is back withTwerkistan. This long-awaited full-length follow-up to 2014’s Trapistan boasts 16 explosive cross-genre bangers that will be available at digital music outl...

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