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A collection of five songs, inspired by experiences from my life; each has a different flavor,like that of a box of assorted candies. Khaniker Dekha has the bittersweet overtones of "Viraha" and "Shringar", or longing and sensual love. Thirteenth Hour is a presentation of "Bhakti" or devotion. 27 Steps to Chaos was written in a fit of anger and has the elements of emotional turmoil. Ode to the Wishful Passage is the narrative of a dying man experiencing the pain of separation from his loved ones and the thrill of being one with the Supreme Being
about the band

Kendraka is not just a band, its an attempt to capture the true change of shades of emotions one experiences through the journey in life. Kendraka promises an experience of the confluence of the different cultural influences (Hindustani & Carnatic classical music, hardcore rural folk of...

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