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'Canvas of Silence' has four tracks that explore the fusion of innovative rhythms with melodies derived from Indian roots, and one track which is a reminder of the band's complex, at times jazz-influenced past. Added to this are lyrics that express universal thoughts such as coming to grips with your own mortality, getting a fresh start in life and dealing with loss.
Giving life to this music requires a high degree of song-writing and instrumental skills, yet skill is never the primary focus; expression is. Come indulge in the colors painted on Rainburn's canvas of silence.
"Very classy guitar based creative songs. Highly recommended indeed!!" - Proggnosis
"Opposite atmospheres collide, bringing a wide array of emotions...like in the case of Rembrandt‘s contrast between dark and light" - Prog-Sphere
"Diverse and complex arrangements...There is bountiful talent amongst the members of this band" - Rate the Tracks
"An impressive EP. If you’re a fan of progressive rock then this is definitely worth checking out !" - All About the Rock
about the band
Rainburn was founded in the fall of 2011 by classically-trained pianist Avik Chakravarty and singer/guitar player Vats Iyengar as a vehicle for eclectic, progressive music. Adding drummer Praveen Kumar from Blood & Iron and bassist Jayaram Kasi soon after, the band rehearsed for the r...

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