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Duncun Rufus describes their sound as organic. Organic, because the emphasis on pure sound rather than embellishing mixing their music with sound effects, and that's the reason why they have refrained from having a DJ. 
In their album Catre Blanche, some of their songs include Lemonade, a track that explores the idea of sticking together through thick and thin, whether in friendship or love. The Greatest Hit, a country-meets-rock number which talks about lightening the load in one's mind and Degau Heights, a name that derives from the name of the building where guitarist Vinay lives. This song was made around five months ago (it will be a part of their upcoming second album), an uptempo foot-tapping number about modern- day fascism that exists in our society.
about the band

Duncun Rufus makes soulful music. These are songs about hope, betrayal, desire & devotion in troubled times. Crisp contemporary songs with foot tapping beats and catchy hook lines, this is music that you can truly feel when the sun rests and the night spreads itself out on the sky. This...

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