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The concept of ‘Change Fiction’is inspired from ‘change’, a common phenomenon that all things in the universe go through in phase of time. All the three songs in this EP were created by taking inspiration from this phenomenon. This EP was written and produced between September 2016 and February 2017.

Musicians credits –

Flute - Rasika Shekar

Violins - David Yandel, Julia Selbherr

Cellos - Joyce Cheung, Scott Peters

Acoustic & Nylon guitars - Mauricio Ribeiro

Electric guitars – Esteban Gomez

Vocals - Lili Del Sol(Change), Vasundhara Gupta(Coda)

Harp – Cesar Secundino Mendez

Electric bass - Andres Mira

Upright bass - Ricardo Osorno

Lyrics(Change) - Ena Marley, Dav Abrams, Lili Del Sol

Strings on ‘The Awakening’ arranged by Joyce Cheung

Music copyist - Samarth Srinivasan

Recording engineers - Luis Diaz, Vasundhara Gupta


All music composed, produced, recorded & mixed by Palindroma.


Mastered by Elliot Sabbagh (DJELL) 

about the band

Palindroma a.k.a Nitin M Krishna is a music producer, recording and mixing engineer. Palindroma’s music is a combination of acoustic, electronic and cinematic sound with Indian influences. The sound of Palindroma was nurtured over a 15-year musical journey and finally took shape as mu...

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