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Siddharth Basrur’s debut EP, Chasing Rain – Chapter 1 is the first in a series of 3 EPs. It was written over a period of two months, with valuable inputs from his producer and good friend, Ayan De. This first EP also features a couple of interesting collaborations. 
Chasing Rain is all about ‘getting the girl’, and its formula has been successful for Basrur, as he did get the girl, and still has her.
Produced by Ayan De at Midicore Studios
Artwork by Sukrit Nagaraj
A big thank you to my family and friends who supported me all through the good times and the bad. Also to Ayan De who put up with my crap and many unannounced visits to his studio. A massive thank you to everyone who helped make the video for Stay - Ashlesha Bangia, Paloma Monnappa, Arman Menzies, David Polycarp, Ali and all the ‘extras’; you know who you are! Jishnu, Zain and Adil – thanks for helping shape these songs into what they now are, you guys are awesome! Of course, I can’t forget all the people who’ve come to my gigs, pimped me out on Facebook and Twitter and just generally appreciated my music. Last, but not least, I want to thank my inspiration for this album - my girlfriend, confidante and best friend – these songs would not have happened without you. If I have missed anyone out, please forgive the scatterbrain I am and let me buy you a drink or three to make up for it.
Special thanks to Gibson Guitar for lending me the gorgeous Midtown Custom.
Special thanks to Furtados for lending me the beautiful Taylor CE214.
While Siddharth would appreciate your support in purchasing this album, he has also made the album available for free download on the Internet
about the band


Siddharth Basrur has been around the indie scene for over 12 years, now, and has worked with various bands, spanning a variety of genres, ranging from acoustic and metal to punk and electronic.  He is the frontman for the band, Goddess Gagged, which has found succes...

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