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Choking on a Dream (2009) 'Choking On A Dream' is BLAKC's first album. We put some of the first songs we'd ever made on this. This album doesn't have a rant or any particular message it tries to drive. The songs are all about emotions like anger, hurt and love. This is our 18 year old selves getting to know each other and creating a 'sound' which has defined how people relate to our music



Shawn Pereira- Vocals

Anish Menon- Guitars

Reinhardt Dias- Guitars

Roop Thomas- Bass

Shishir Thakhur- Drums


Album Recorded at : Promethean Studios by Francisco Nicholson


Album Mixed & Mastered by: Francisco Nicholson at Promethean Studios


Album Artwork by: Shawn Pereira, Namaah Kumar

about the band
Blakc is about two things – the music and the people
Starting out as Shawn’s vehicle to being a artist and a rockstar following idols like Steven Tyler, Eddie Vedder he simmered a singe minded vision to create art that moved people. He met Anish who wanted to be...

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