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We have dedicated thousands of hours and collaborated with the best artists in the world - 2 songs crafted to perfection. This is my debut album, but not possible without these amazing artists.


Song written by: Ravi Kant Anmol (Hindi)/ S.Kaushik and Mathi (Tamil)

Actors: Angelo Sanjeev Barnes and Madu Iyer

Singers: Ratish Sekhar and Shweta Mohan (Tamil)/ Uma Srivastava (Hindi)

Critique and Song Analysis: Amit Srivastava

Guitars and Song Arrangement: Brandon Autry

Bass guitar: Charles Berthoud

Percussion/Drums: Brandon Autry

Orchestra and Strings: Leo Music

Violins: Alex Talanov

Recorded by Phil @ Silk City Music Factory, CT, USA

Mixed & Mastered by Abin Pushpakaran @ Krimson Avenue Studios, Chennai, India


Special thanks to:

Rashmi Shivakumar, Meera Nair, Paul Stamper, Gowrishankar Shankar, Ali King, Zachary Maxwell Turner, Victor Masin, Noel Ramos, Shine, Jayasree, Shivakumar, Pulkit Chaudhary, Azmath Rahiman, Nick Rau, Mikol Nguyen, Alaudin Kadric, Emilio Jiovan Martinez, Francine Eulizier, Maria Lee, Stacey Mendyka, Pam Majidy, Manoj Kurup, Ajantha Manoj, Viswam Nair, Beenu Suresh, Anup Panthanaloor and Shiny Anup

about the band

The world is full of distractions. By the time I finish writing this, from inception into typing the final word in my bio there are many “un-finished things calling”. That text pop up on my phone, innate desires to fulfill and plans to make – one cannot procrastinate witho...

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