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The soundtrack is from the movie, Cryptic Road. The movie is about a struggling writer, with mind reading ability, and he finds a subject whose story can bring him the fame and money he always craved for. The thrill begins when his mind clashes with one of his kind.
The album has 12 tracks including the original background score by Archangel and Moosa Saleem. From Kashmiri Sufi Rock to Dubstep, IndiPop to Rap Metal — this album is one of the most varied albums in Hindi cinema.
1. Main Theme
Composed by: Moosa Saleem
2. Fariyaad
Composed by: Aagman
3. Trip
Composed by: Aryan Shekhar and Kallol Nath
4. Uljha Diya
Composed by: Vishvesh Moghia
5. Maula
Composed by: BloodRockz
6. Fading Faces
Composed by: Saints In Vain
7. Arz-e-Watan
Composed by: Joshua Morris Sikha
Narration by: Girish Karnad
Poem by: Mohammad Younuss
8. Megalomania
Composed by: Archangel
9. Freeze Frame
Composed by: Archangel
10. Shock and Awe
Composed by: Archangel
11. Time Lapse
Composed by: Archangel
12. Follow Through
Composed by: Archangel
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