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Dance Alone


Time has a wonderful way of showing what really matters. In all these years as a musician, artist, singer... I haven't been brave enough to share my music.
Time --- waiting for no one, went on by and I kept writing for myself.  But now at this point in my life , i feel the need to put my music out there , and share it with the world.

Dance Alone, is a testament to my art, my heart, my soul, and my love for music and song writing. Showing my love for simple melodies and beautiful guitar work (thanx to Blackstratblues)

With Warren Mendonsa a.k.a. Blackstratblues,  producing my EP , I knew my songs were in safe hands. He has weaved his magic into my lyrics and melodies,  and my EP has turned out to be everything I wanted it to be.

Songs from the EP.

Life is about dreaming big and achieving those dreams. Only time will tell if that was what you really wanted.

Dance alone :
Sometimes your mind takes longer to accept what your heart knew all along.

All our actions have consequences ---- and whatever you may have done through life , your final goal, is peace of mind . But life ain't that easy.

la la Love song :
To the most special people in my life --- my family. To them I say, I choose you ... Over and over again, without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat ....  I'll keep choosing you. Cos without you I ain't no good.

* All songs written, composed and sung by Shazneen Arethna. * All songs produced by Warren Mendonsa a.k.a. Blackstratblues. Guitars : Warren Mendonca Bass ; Nathan Thomas Drums : Jehangir Jehangir
about the band

Shazneen Arethna is a singer-songwriter who lives in Mumbai . She has sung with numerous bands in India and has performed all over the world. She is known for her powerful and electric performances on stage.

And now here she is, finally releasing her own music. H...


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