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Daze Blue is the latest single release from Antriksh Bali and features vocals by Nikita Sailesh. Recorded, mixed and mastered over the period of one month, The song is an expression of turmoil and conflict that one faces when they're trying to get out of a 'daze' or what is more commonly known as a creative block. The single release also features a remix of the song 'we don't need war, we need more satellites' that instead focuses on conflict and turmoil hapapening externally all over the world rather than internally.


Vocals by Nikita Sailesh
Synths and Programming by Antriksh Bali
about the band
Antriksh Bali is an Alternative/Electronic musician based in New Delhi, India. His music is influenced by a wide plethora of artistic elements that range from Ambient music to unpredictable sonic experiments that constantly evolve over time. Raised and brought up in an environment where t...

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