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Decadence is the Debut release for Groove/Thrash Metallers "Quarantine" from Bangalore featuring 7 tracks. 

Produced by renowned guitarist/producer, Keshav Dhar, (Skyharbor)

The band has a Super heavy and raw sound, blending Mad Grooves and Thrash Metal. 

Guest Artists Featured : Tony.J.Das(Peepal Tree, Thermal and a quarter),

Bhargav Sarma(Pineapple Express),

Athira Sukumaran(Western classical violinist)

Nimish Shah(Western classical composer, Operatic vocalist)

Strong Language , Grooves that Kill.
about the band

Quarantine is a 5 piece Groove/Thrash Metal band from Bangalore, India. The Band currently consists of Siddhanth Sarkar(Vocalist), Sukruth Mallesh(Guitarist, Vocals), ...

Visit the Quarantine(India) page

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