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The first live album released by any Indian band, ever. A concert played at the annual SAHMAT show at Mandi House on Jan 1, 1997, and recorded completely by accident!! No major record label was willing to take the risk of releasing a live album, and so a record company was created to release Desert Rain, thanks to Naresh Bhatia. 
Album Credits  Recording Engineer: Vikram Mishra; Remastered by K.J.Singh at Fast Forward Studios, Delhi; 
Photography: Amit Pasricha; Cover Design: A.V. Graphics Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. B/W Cover Photograph: Dilip Prakash. 
about the band


Formed in the early 90's Indian Ocean has been one of the spearheads of the Indian Rock Scene. Their unique sound of Contemporary Rock mixed with classical, jazz and fusion have earned them a cult following. 
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