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'Desire' is Chirag Todi's debut single which is part of his upcoming EP 'Panodrama'. This song was home-recorded during the lockdown through online collaboration with indie artists across India such as Pushkar Srivatsal, Tanya Nambiar and Abhay Sharma. It was produced by Divyang Arora and mixed by Nirmit Shah.

This song is about the process of creating. When the ‘Desire’ or conviction to create something becomes your vocation, it sort of ‘holds you by the collar’ in the sense that it gives you the strength to overcome any and every obstacles. He enjoys the captivating power of ‘desire’ and thus describes it as ’freedom in being caught’. Personally, he is transitioning from harboring suppressed thoughts to freely expressing his opinions. The idea behind this song inciperes from his experience with this newly acquired liberation. This song is the manifestation of his ‘desires’ and an expression of his freedom in the process of creating it.


Chirag Todi - Lead Guitar, Composition, Direction

Pushkar - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Lyrics, Composition

Tanya Nambiar - Rap, Lyrics

Abhay Sharma - Saxophone

Marc Damania - Bass

Dennis Johnson - Rhythm guitar

Divyang Arora - Production, Arrangement, Keys

Nirmit Shah - Mix & Master

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