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Atleast once in our lifetime, We all have made some really questionable and dumb decisions just to keep our hearts happy! Listening to your heart can often lead to a rollercoaster life, but the two things that it guarantees are SATISFACTION & HAPPINESS. This song is for all those Happy go Lucky people who love listening to their #DIL no matter what.! 


Song Credits: 


Song Title: Dil - Archit & Smit,(Ft. Abhiruchi Singh) 

Music Direction, Music Production: Archit & Smit

Vocals: Abhiruchi Singh, Archit Shah

Lyrics: Archit & Smit, Abhiruchi Singh


Guitars & Ukelele: Soumil Pandit

Drums: Jignesh Patel

Percussions: Omkar Salunkhe, Pulkeet Kakkad

Upright Bass: Lavine Da Costa


Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Shane Macwan

Studio Asst Engineer: Chintan Mistry

Video Production: Archit & Smit, Nehal Hamirani


Artist Manager: Rani Kaur

Social Media Manager: Pranjali Nigudkar

Special Thanks to Chinmay Roy & Yashita Sharma


Audio Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Video Production done Exclusively at P CUBE STUDIOS, Mumbai

#dumdil #architsmitmusic #dil #asm
about the band

Music is not just about mixing different sounds, it's more like creating a universe within the song itself.

This is our honest attempt to showcase The Multiverse of our Songs. Each one of these have been a different journey within themselves, which may or maynot have stemmed ...

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