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"Dil Tu Raahi Hai" an original by Aakarsh Walecha (AKI), will bring back all such beautiful travel memories with your chuddy buddies. A ride during monsoon, late night travels and all such mastii.  Everybody is a traveller by heart who loves to explore different places.

At the same time, this song has that vibe and thoughts when you travel solo.


So, pack your bags and lets go on this beautiful ride with your host and dost Aakarsh (AKI)

about the band

Aakarsh (AKI) and Ankit are core members of AAVEG GROUP. Both are singer song-writers who love to write their own songs, create music, a music which can inspire others. Our music will give you sense of love, belonging, positive energy and motivation.


We are AAVE...

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