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First recordings from the inspired collaboration of vocalist-composer Namit Das and guitarist - producer Anurag Shanker. An edgy, contemporary take on the glory of the light classical form of music of yesteryear India.
Vocals : Namit Das 
Guitars, Mandolin, Arrangements and Production: Anurag Shanker 
Drums: Vaibhav Wavikar 
Bass: Sunil Chandy(except track 3 by Wilson Kenneth) 
Trumpet on track 4 : Sankarshan Kini 
Recorded by Tejas Narayan at Arbit Random Studio, Mumbai 
Mixed and Mastered by Anurag Shanker at Meteorik Productions 
Album Art by Shilpa Narain (www.behance.net/shilpas) 
Photography by Kunal Roy Kapoor
about the band

Namit Das + Anurag Shanker is a musical moment that has a new sound rooted in tradition , with an edge of contemporary attitude. Din Gaye EP are the first recordings from this inspired collaboration.

Visit the Namit Das & Anurag Shanker page
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