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Do deewaney is a Hindi Pop song about one-sided love and daydreaming about endless possibilities,seeing life through a camera lens and imagining from various perspectives.

It has been produced with the collaboration of some amazing musicians from Kolkata namely Ritaprabha Ratul Ray, the guitarist/producer, Sudipto Buti Banerjee on keyboards, Roheet Mukherjee on bass guitar and Rajarshi das on violin. The track has been mixed and mastered by Sayan Ghosh in Outboard studios, Kolkata.

about the band

Shayok Banerjee is a Singer/Songwriter/Performer and a Music teacher. He has performed at more than 1100 concerts since 2001,has been the frontman of several bands from Kolkata, has 4 studio albums to his credit, several feature film playback songs in Bengali, National television commercial...

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