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Deathaphor’s second chakma album Ei Jinghani released on 14th April 2013. The album was not expected firstly but after over whelming response from debut album “Mui Honna’, the band released their second album titled “Ei Jinghani”. The band believes people can actually connect with their music being getting matured from the last release. Recorded in Redline Studio under engineer Barkish Debbarma and Produced by Romeo Chakma, this album is dedicated to those people who forced the band to release another album in Chakma language. 

about the band

Deathaphor  is an experimental band from Agartala, Tripura. Formed in 2010 the band released two albums in Chakma language and two singles in English. The group consist of Nasen Chakma in Lead Guitar and Clean Vocals , Dhananjoy Singh & Papinjay Debbarma in Rhythm  Guitars, Jo...

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