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Work on 'Execrating Normality' began in early 2012 right after GRiMMoRTaL's Nepal gig when the band welcomed 2 new guitarists to the lineup and started writing new material for a full-length record. Produced & Engineered by Nikhil Singh later that year, the album has 7 heavy tracks set to bring out as much groove & melody as possible along with some technicality and just the right amount of a progressive touch to it. The overall sound can be termed as a fairly modern style of extreme metal.

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GRiMMoRTaL is a Deathcore band from Navi Mumbai formed in the summer of 2009 which plays a heavily down-tuned, groovy and technical but melodic style of extreme metal, basically combining the band members' various influences ranging from Death Metal, Grindcore, Slam ...

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