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“Fear Of An Obtuse Earth” is an album that deals with the concept of a human being who is in constant fear of losing his intelligence because technology has made life too convenient. Through sounds, the album tries to portray what the person goes through in a year full of denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance. This album is as much about holding on to something as it is about taking the first step towards moving on. Inspired by my own experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, “Fear Of An Obtuse Earth” is almost an eulogy to someone I can no longer be.

about the band

Home Brewed Universe is a one-man instrumental rock project started by multi-instrumentalist, Arka Sengupta, in early 2019. He started this project to explore the heavier side of musical sensibilities that he couldn’t do with his ambient/post-rock/experimental project, Mixtaped Monk. ...

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