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"FIVE" is about exploring Five folk music forms that has inspired Bengali traditional music over the last five decades, through five musical collaborations and presenting the songs in a modern contemporary organic soundscape of today..

The evolution of Bengali language and music has happened due to many reasons. Sometimes, it happened, as a result of a group of working class people or artists, consciously adapting to a cultural change due to an immigration oriented, religious or socio – cultural phenomenon. On the other hand in some traditional and tribal music forms of this land, we can find, an ancient inherent Jungian character sharing characteristic similarities with many other root music forms from across the world, which is also due to an ancient unknown story of human migration that can be dated back to the root of mankind and it’s necessity to move  .

FIVE is five collaborations of Arko with five world musicians, forming five musical duos. Each one of these musicians have their own genres of expertise and have been professionally practicing their individual music internationally for many years. The album involves the use of folk instruments from different parts of the world. The traditional Irish Harp, the Rabab, the Dotara (a traditional Bengali Lute),  the Nylon String Guitar, mixed Afro Cuban Percussions, the Dubki (a Bengali tribal Hand Drum),  the Ukulele, the Banjolele and the traditional Bluegrass Mandolin.


Each collaboration is a chapter and the chapters are named as follows:

Two n Four (From Appalachia to the Ganges)

with Diptanshu Roy, India (Mandolin and Banjolele)


Gypsy (The Nomadic World)

with Yann Beaujouan, France (Guitar)


Irish (Ballads from the West)

 with Anna Tanvir, Ireland (Harp)


Afro - Tribal(Searching for the Roots)

with  Ritoban Das, India (Dubki and other tribal percussions from Indian and Afro-Cuban origins)



Middle - Eastern and Central Asian(The Cry of Persia)

with Satyaki Banerjee, India (Dotara, Rabab)

This album is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather late Amal Bhushan Mukherjee. Unauthorised copying, public performance and broadcasting of this recording is prohibited. © 2015
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Arko Mukherjee, a trained North Indian classical singer and an urban folk artist from Calcutta, India, has been researching on the roots of Indian and Bengali folk and contemporary music.

One of the most unique vocalists from the independen...

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