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Composition, Music & Lyrics © Divina Bajpai
Recording & Production © Sample Culture
"Flight" was born with the idea of breaking free from everything that might hold anyone back. It could be from within you, it could be from outside you. The ideology of flight explores the shackles that might bind us in our everyday lives - in certain instances, in certain thoughts, stereotypes, relationships and even in regular actions that may seem habitual after a point.
"Flight" explores that path - from shackles to freedom.
"Flight" was conceived a few months ago, late December in my mind where I decided to put three poems that i had written a long time ago to music that I composed much later. It was through a mutual friend that i met the genius of a human being and producer Aditya Tb who shared the ideology that "Flight" was based on. He took it up piece by piece, refined it and redefined it. After very few meetings, this thought became much more. Aditya Tb and Sample Culture gave this idea a direction to grow beautifully.
Musically, "Flight" encompasses a variety of genres - Narrative Jazz, Alternative Indie, Lyrical Country-Style-Narrative Rock serenade that could perhaps even border on Pop - there are a lot of interesting stories as to how certain songs turned into completely different versions of themselves by the end of it!
"Flight" - should hopefully bring to you, stories from all of us - who got together on impulse, and faith - to be a part of this album - in its creation and evolution.
about the band
Divina is a 22 year old pianist, belonging equally to Goa and Delhi and currently based out if Hyderabad. She is a western classical pianist, songwriter, poetess, composer, singer and musician having finished all 8 grades with the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), w...

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