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FLOATING : A LAYER Music Project and K.C. Loy Collaborative

Two kindred entities bound by their love for MUSIC are here to usher in a unique MAGIC !

LAYER (Chaitanya Bulusu) and the famed composer, singer, writer and director K.C. LOY come together to create this neat Indie-Electro Minimal treat ‘FLOATING’. A dark soundscape with no reprieve, FLOATING is sure to follow you even after you have exited the audio walls. The lyrics will fool you into a sense of ease until…


Music: LAYER Music Project & K.C. Loy

Lyrics: K.C. Loy

Sound design: Smitesh Joshi & Chaitanya Bulusu

about the band

Layer is a synesthete who sees colors as waves, a Soundscapist, a Robotic humanist, an automation and Electronics Engineer , there are as many facets to him as 
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