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Full Circle is a mellow soundboard of ind-jazz and fusion and has a very ambient, eastern feel. It showcases some of India's best musical talent when it comes to contemporary tabla players, hindustani classical vocalists, and Indian percussionists who accentuate Sanjay's mature guitaring. The album features Kunal Ganjawala, Kailash Kher, Nandini Srikar, Ranjit Barot, Karl Peters, Ravi Khote, Taufiq Quereshi, Vijay Prakash& Vivek Rajagopalan

about the band
Sanjay Divecha is a guitar player and composer based in Mumbai, India. His current band, Secret attempts to blur the lines between the great Indian traditions; Hindustani and Carnatic, and jazz with a strong focus on collective improvisation and a soulful message. 
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