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Colaba Point creates the soundtrack of our city lives with Future Flashbacks, their third full length album since 2011. The self produced album consists of 10 tracks with a runtime of 41 minutes and marks a gradual progression in the band’s sound since the previous album with extensive use of ambient guitars, synths and live percussion. Two years in the making, this is album is a moody, melancholic and personal trip that is meant only for the most discerning listeners.


"This is not music in which to engage whilst chasing shots, rather to imbibe with a long drink to hand. Not an out-fit that seeks to travel anywhere near the mainstream, Colaba Point have created a distinctive style, that should be more widely heard as they add much to the weave of the world of music and it is pleasure to introduce them to you."

-          Tim Whale, EmergingIndieBands.com

about the band
Conjuring images of times forgotten and latent hours of indulgence, Colaba Point's music makes for easy listening often resorting to intermittent psychedelic explorations. Initially started as a jam band, the outfit has so far released three albums, the latest being Future Flashbacks ...

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