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The album - GENESIS is the brain child of Arnab Sengupta, an alumni of the revered Berklee College of Music, Boston.
This album comprises six young original songwriters who are still school going children but are completely committed to their music and creative pursuits. Through their song of hope, courage and determination they want to pass on their message to the world and also encourage other young talents to start their creative journey at an early age.
The sound of the album is in the Contemporary Pop realm but is harmonically sophisticated and full of interesting melodies.
The fantastic group of musicians and engineers behind this enormous project are as below:
Composition & Songwriting - Asha Elizabeth Zachariah, Shruthi Bare, Aarushi Shisodia, Advika Anand, Shreya Bose, Anisha Srikar, Arnab Sengupta
Arrangements - Arnab Sengupta
Drums: Patrick Simard except as indicated
Bass: Yoshiki Yamada 
Keyboard: Noah MacNeil except as indicated
Cello: Agustin Uriburu 
Sax: Inhigo Galdeano 
Guitar: Jacinta Clusellas except as indicated
Violin: Ernesto Llorens 
Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Daniel Alba, Zampol Productions, New York 
Assistant Engineer - Brandon Unpingco
Assistant Engineer - Agatha Lee
Drums on The Chosen One - Aatur Soni
Guitars on the Chosen One - Vijay Xavier
Keyboards on the Chosen One - Arnab Sengupta
Solo Guitars on What Have You Done - Daniel Alba
Instrumental parts recorded at Studio 42, Brooklyn, New York
Mixed at Megafonic, Brooklyn, New York
Mastered at Zampol Productions, Manhattan, New York
about the band

The Euphonies is a collective of young schoolgoing composers and singer-songwriters who hail from the beautiful city of Bangalore. Being very keen on pursuing original creative expression from a very young age, they are very sincere and devoted to their craft of songwriting. They sing about...

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