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After winning several Band Competitions the band FACEBROKE releases the EP entitled "GET UP ON MY LEVEL"


GET UP ON MY LEVEL is the first Studio EP from the Band FACEBROKE, it of a certain new genre of music called Metalstep/Electronicore mixed with Hardcore, Metalcore, Rapid Vocals and Trap elements. This EP is a complete DIY EP, which is mixed and Produced by Sayantan Guha(https://linktr.ee/sayantan666guha).



  • Members:
  • Somsubhra Acharya(Vocals)
  • Mamik Banerjee(Drums and Drum Programming)
  • Sayantan Jha(Guitars)
  • Soumya Deep(Bass)
  • Sayantan Guha(Keyboard and Producer)
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