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I arise, I descend and I convene to rise again.

I serenade into the depths of nature to be born again.

From lakes and seas, from clouds and forests, from rivers and oceans - the circle I love to traverse again and again.

My Beloved - I do not bid you adieu for I am yours and will merge in you again.

I am the misty blue raindrop, shimmering in the golden Sun.

Come out; feel me beneath your feet, on your skin, on your flickering eyes. Feel me, inside your being.

The rains are here, I am here and everywhere, to love and be loved.

Sub-genre: Future Bass

Released under A2BvC2Z Records. 

about the band

Layer is a synesthete who sees colors as waves, a Soundscapist, a Robotic humanist, an automation and Electronics Engineer , there are as many facets to him as 
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