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Studios – Bodhi Records, Picture Productions and Sunshine Music, Auroville

Engineers – Didier Weiss, Holger, Sean Bout and Paul Jacob
Music produced By Bonnie Chakraborty and Paul Jacob 
Vocals – Bonnie and Kartick
Bass   -  Paul Jacob
Guitars – Donan Murray and Paul Jacob
Flute – Lilianna Goldman (Mongolian flute) and Tetsuro Koyano (Balinese flute)
Percussions – K.V. Balakrishnan- Mridangam, Kanjira, Dhol, Dholki, Bass Dholak and Dandia
Percussions- Djanuno Dabo on 'Nimmbudda'
Thavil -  Agoram Saravanan
Chemical Violin – Lazare Reznik on 'Kolonkini Radha' and 'Nimmbudda'
Harmonium – Vijay, on 'Din Duniyaar..'
Naadeswaram – Cuddalore team on 'Nimmbudda'
All music and arrangements published by Oikyotaan.
about the band


Oikyotaan is a research and performance based platform founded by Bonnie Chakraborty, the sound of which is rooted in the rhythm and melody of folk music. This foundation of sound is created using an equal set of unique components from Folk, Contemporary and Classical mu...

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