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This single is a satire on today's society infatuated with social media. In today's world, relationships are built and maintained in the virtual world and sidelined in the real world.


We are obsessed with selfies, reliant on social proof and engrossed in virtual interactions. Here, everything you say and do lasts an eternity; and the quest to amass friends and followers supercedes the ability to make real world relationships.  

This song takes a storytelling approach with three characters : Chunnnilaal (a man in thirties), Bittu (a tween kid) and Rosie (a teenage girl or someone in her twenties)- and various events in their life that bring to light the social media craze. The characters are developed to appeal to most audience while being fun and relatable.

about the band

Shalabh is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Singapore and originally from New Delhi, India.