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Everyone in this world is in search of their happy place.Happiness is exactly where you think it is.Trust your instincts. Go pursue and discover your happy place.
Happy Place is a collaboration between  Vasuda aka Miss V  and  Singer Songwriter Nicolette Gore. The two happened to meet each other last year and decided to work on a song together.
Audio Credits:
Lyrics and Composition - Vasuda &  Nicolette
Production and Arrangement -  Vasuda
Bass - Fabio Useli
Mix and Master - Vasuda /Miss V
about the band
Vasuda is a singer-songwriter,originally from New Delhi. Her music is a nice blend of Indian classical and folk with western contemporary music.She started her musical journey after being selected by channel v in 2003 and becoming a part of ‘Aasma’ ,a mixed indian pop band wit...

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